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Custom Home Construction
Steps for luxury homes:
  1. We Follow Your Dream - First, we'll listen. To build a home that works for you, we need to know your vision...
  2. We Draw the Plans - You'll talk with our architectural team, or show them plans you have already commissioned...
  3. We Execute the Plan - You can relax while we manage the many steps to the requisite permits, and the many following that, and the countless more still to come..

Luxury home construction can differ from regular home construction in a number of ways. While most home buyers are stuck building or purchasing rather generic homes, the rich can afford the benefits and uniqueness of luxury home construction.
Not all home builders are capable of handling luxury home construction projects, due to their size and cost. The home buyer normally has a greater say in the luxury home construction process, demanding changes to the design and what will be in the house. Building these frequently large projects and using expensive materials can price some home builders out of the market. Luxury home construction requires the best contractors, as problems with a home building project could turn out to be a costly debacle.
One of the major differences between luxury home construction and regular home construction is the quality of the materials used. This can frequently be evident on the outside, as many luxury home construction projects use stucco siding as opposed to brick or vinyl siding. Some projects, looking for an older look, go for the all-brick or stone siding look.
The major differences, though, will be on the inside. Not only will there be more rooms and open space in a luxury home construction, the materials used will be of a higher quality. Many of these projects have sold hardwood flooring or plush carpets, while some will even go as far as having stone or granite flooring. The kitchen area may have marble or granite counter tops, along with the most advanced appliances. Many luxury home construction projects also include pools or other unique touches, like a basketball court or a putting green.
Some luxury home construction projects are more expensive due to other issues as well. Some of these homes are to be powered, at least in part, with solar energy. Wiring a house to use solar power is an additional cost. Some houses are designed by the owners themselves, with the assistance of architects, which can also add substantially to the price tag.