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Chicago Bathroom Remodeling
New Explode Construction offers both commercial and residential bathroom remodeling for clients throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.  Because of our experience with many satisfied clients over the years, we have the expertise you need to guide you through important decisions before and during your bathroom remodel.  To learn more about our services, or to arrange a consultation and an estimate for your project, please contact us online or by phone at 773.751.8441.
A few of the many benefits of bathroom remodeling are:

· Increasing your home’s value
A well –done bathroom remodel can enhance the value of your home.  Conversely, a poorly done, or incomplete, project can actually decrease the value.  That is why the choice of an experienced contractor is so important.

· Improving bathroom’s appearance

This is another strong reason to consider a bathroom remodel.  An updated, well-appointed bathroom with the upgraded fixtures, lighting, countertops, and flooring is easier to maintain and inviting for family and guests to use.

· Optimizing space and functionality
Remodeling the bathroom can make the best use of the space available, even if it is small.  It will feel more spacious just through better space planning and redesign.

· Creating your own personal space
Imagine coming home from a busy, stressful day to your own personal spa or retreat right in your own home.  You can soak away the cares of the day in a relaxing hot bath or shower accompanied by soft music and the scent of aromatic candles or potpourri.  The best part is that this is a spa experience that you can have every day.


New Explode Construction is the go-to source for all your bathroom remodeling needs.  From a simple shower, tub, or sink installation to a total overhaul and space renovation, you can depend on our expertise to get the job done.  To learn more about these and our other services, call 774.751.8441.