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Chicago Basement Remodeling
As families grow, they accumulate more things to store.  Teenagers want their own private rooms.  Sometimes a college graduate returns home or an elderly parent needs to move in.  A basement remodel can provide solutions to these and many other challenges.  

Basements are roomy and often underutilized, usually serving as laundry rooms or catchalls.  A little planning and creativity can reclaim that space and convert it to useful living space.  Would you like a home office?  A game room for kids and teens?  An entertainment center?  A new bedroom or apartment?  The basement may be your answer.


·      No need to dig for new footings
·      Structural loads are not a concern
·      Close proximity to water, electricity, gas, and sewer lines reduces costs
·      Because it is protected from the elements, heating and cooling loads are lighter.
·      Stairs are already in place.


·      Water and moisture can cause mold and mildew
·      Lack of natural light
·      Overhead pipes and ductwork can make bathroom installations difficult.


When dealing with dampness between the slab and foundation walls, you will need expert help to waterproof your basement before any renovation can be done.  The solution can be simple and relatively inexpensive, or costly and difficult, depending on the cause of the problem.  Sump pumps may need to be installed if seepage cannot be stopped.

Once major moisture problems are fixed, choice of materials for finishing the basement is important.  Special waterproof and mold-proof materials will keep your finished basement dry and beautiful.

Plumbing for basement bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms can present its own special challenges.  Special pumps may need to be installed when toilets and sinks need to drain upward and out.

There are many building safety codes to be aware of when remodeling basements.  Smoke and CO detector placement, GFI receptacles, ventilation issues, emergency window wells for egress, fire safety, and minimum room sizes are all governed by local building codes and require permits and inspections.

New Explode Construction has done many basement renovations and can assist you in planning and finishing your project.  We adhere to all building and safety codes and have a reputation for passing inspection the first time.  We take pride in our record and would love to add your completed basement remodel to our portfolio.  Call us at 773.751.8441.